Tuesday, 17 February 2009

17th February 2009

Ok, rather than boring all my crafty friends with stuff about the allotment I decided to set up a special "Allotment Blog" so I can keep my own record of what I do there this year.

In case anyone comes for a visit this is what it looked like when I first took it on in May 2006

I finally made it up to the allotment today after months and months of avoiding it - partly due to the new job that started in October, partly because I get caught up with sewing, partly because of the people repeatedly breaking into the shed and partly because it is just such hard work.

This is the sight that greeted us this morning - lots of overgrown mess, but also lots of lovely leeks ready to harvest and eat and purple sprouting broccoli and brussels sprouts showing some good signs of growth.

We ate our lunch almost as soon as we arrived and then Jane and I got busy tidying up while the children played happily.

Once the bamboo wigwams and trellises were dismantled and all the dead bean and pea plants cleared away along with any other dead patches of grass etc, it all looked much better - although the "after" photos don't really do it justice.

We had a bonfire - which we ended up transferring to a half-barrel donated by one of the other allotment chaps, and I think I have been bitten by the gardening bug again! I'm planning on buying some compost tomorrow and getting the first set of seeds sown - exciting!!!

Next time I go there I really need to get on with digging out all the weeds - a HUGE job!!!

The one really annoying thing today was that the ratbags who broke into our shed at Christmas stole my smelly rigger boots so I had to garden in my crocs!

Why on earth would anyone want my boots?

They are scruffy, and smelly and only about a size 7 (or maybe 8 because they are too big for me)

They left all my tools and my wheelbarrow AND my coat - so why did they take my boots????

Because of them, I managed to burn a hole in my sock as I was moving the fire to the barrel and an ember dropped through a hole in my crocs (which really aren't the best footware for an allotment) I was aware of a slight sensation in my toe and then I thought ooooh, ooooooooh, ow, Ow, OWWWWW!!!! Fortunately it didn't do any proper damage and just gave me a shock - but if those swines hadn't nicked my boots I wouldn't have a hole in my sock and a burn on my toe!


  1. ooo, I'm your first follower! Love the allotment and only a little bit jealous ;-)

    April xx

  2. Magic Lucy - I think the gardening bug's biting here too!

    A burnt toe you say? Perhaps you could make it into one of your shed snacks!

  3. ....and now that I get here, I see you are already amassing yourself a following!!

    Just lookee look at those luverly leeks! The lotamunt doesn't look too bad considering it's been sorely neglected of late ;-)

    Good luck with the digging. I've just stopped acheing after much diggage at the weekend!


  4. OK, I am lovin' this little allotment...what is it? A baby farm? I have no idea, never seen one, never read about one...I'm clueless! I do like the way it looks like a veggie garden. Is it a veggie garden??? Do you rent it? Own it? Why is it called an allotment? Are you in the US? I follow your crafting blog and now I'm hooked on your gardening one so get to it, hahaha! I just took part in a gardener's seed swap so I have definitely been bitten by the gardening bug. I bought the most wonderful seeds today to send my swap partner (along with some handy dandy gloves, a trowel and a little claw for loosening the topsoil.) I can't wait to get into my own garden; but it's under several inches of ice at the moment, LOL!

  5. Hope it wasn't a sock you'd knitted!

  6. mmmmmmm, leek and potato soup!
    Looking good!
    Hope you toe is soon better and that the nasty boot nickers meet a sticky end!

  7. I love leeks mmm, we bought some strawberries from B & M yesterday they had loads of potato, onion and other fruit plants and they were really cheap too. Looking forward to watching your allotment grow. Hope your toe is ok
    lisa x

  8. Wow - the allottment is HUGE!

    I was silly enough to think that yours was only one of the raised beds (don't ask. I'm American - we think strange things and make crazy assumptions).

  9. Oooh, how fun! And while April is a little jealous I'm aLOTment (get it -- haha) jealous! I certainly hope you had s'mores with your bonfire LOL!