Sunday, 7 March 2010


Ok, so I'm really bad at keeping this allotment diary going.......
......but here I am again.

I haven't been feeling very enthusiastic about the allotment lately. Probably because I've been so busy with working 4 days a week that there just doesn't seem to be time to do everything.

In fact today was only the second time I'd been so far this year.

When we first got the allotment absolutely anything we did was a massive improvement and you could really see what we had done each time we visited.

(how it looked at the beginning)

Unfortunately now it is quite a different story.

Every year we have to face the same seemingly impossible task of tidying it all up again ready for the next year of growing. And with the bleak winter we have had this year it has been far too easy to avoid it all - especially when it looks like this:

(photo taken January 2010)

And the only way you can tell that you have done anything is by the size of your latest bonfire:

But I do intend to keep going - and hopefully as my current job will be ending in 5 weeks I will suddenly have a lot more time to dig and organise.

So today - a beautifully sunny Sunday - Daisy, Fred and Mr Locket cleared out the greenhouse at home and we organised all the pots and got everything ready for the first batch of seed sowing.
(I do so love this sensation of "creating order" - even if I know that it won't be long before it is all chaotic and messy again!)

Then later in the afternoon Dot, Fred and I popped up to the allotment for about an hour and started digging one of the front beds (where the potatoes had been last year) so that we can get some garlic and shallots in soon.

This evening Daisy and I have sorted all the old packets of seeds to see which are still in date and which can be sown now, and it all seems to be starting up again - thank goodness!


  1. We've been doing exactly the same this weekend. Where did all those weeds come from - out of the snow?! Argh. Still, it is good to be up there again and there was a skylark so it's not so bad.

    Is that good news about the job, or mixed feelings?

  2. I covered the cleared areas from last year with carpet ad am hoping for the best! Spent Sunday clearing up the garden as the view from the kitchen window was too depressing.
    Seed planting means Spring is not too far away.