Saturday, 21 March 2009

Starting to grow

The seeds that I sowed a week and a half ago have already sprouted - I find the whole seed-growing business so exciting!

The sweetcorn in the kitchen were the first to pop their heads out

and then the peas and sweetpeas in the greenhouse came out to say hello

I'm hoping to get more seeds sown this weekend - if I ever tear myself away from this computer!

My potatoes are also chitting away happily.

I know experts are divided over whether chitting is really necessary and trials have been done which seem to show that "unchitted" potatoes produce just as large crops, but personally I just love being able to "do something" with my potatoes while I impatiently wait to put them in the ground!

I called in to the allotment on Wednesday afternoon on the way back from work and dug a little more of the first long bed.

It's scary to see how much there is to do!

The other job I tackled was lifting and turning over the carpet on the path between our allotment and Alison's.

It had become well and truly "planted" in with grass roots so pulling it up was like playing tug-of-war with the entire England Rugby team! I was exhausted and close to defeat but finally got it turned over and loads of the clumps of grass pulled out.

You can just about see the difference if you compare this picture with the one below.

and then of course there is the added bonus of my shadow!

Hopefully we will go up some time this weekend - so far today we have just been pootling about at home even though it is a beautiful sunny day.


  1. Hey you sound like me at the moment.
    I dont have an allotment but I do grow veg.
    Dont you love seeing the new seedlings appear!

    Clare aka 'this gardens life' blog

  2. I obviously had too much beetroot wine last time I was here! x

  3. I'm still waiting for my sweet peas - maybe this week
    lisa x