Wednesday, 4 March 2009

What not to wear..............

As I was driving home from my 2 hour stint at work this morning I was debating whether to go home and tidy or go to the allotment and dig. Then the sun came out so the decision was easy.

When I got there I naturally had to sit in the car for 10 minutes to do some knitting before getting on with the real work!

I dug over the first half of the left hand bed at the front of the plot (one of the ones we created last time from the 3 smaller squares) and I learnt an important lesson:

Don't try to dig in an ankle length skirt! It's rather awkward!!!

but then again, I decided not to take Lesley's advice to tuck my skirt in my knickers as I didn't think that would go down to well with the other allotmenteers!!

I harvested a lot of leeks so we will be having some delicious meals for the next week or so (the last ones we had were so tasty)

and some chard.

Then I was really pleasantly surprised because I discovered that I did have some parsnips after all - I had been sure they had all failed.

But do 4 really count as "a crop"? I don't really care, because they smell fabulous and as two are the size of small trees maybe that is a crop! I'm not sure what the "rust" is on the two large ones but I'm sure it will cut off and that the rest will be scrummy.

I also took a bit of a gamble because I moved three purple sprouting broccoli plants because they were where I need to grow my potatoes this year. I hope they survive the trauma!

Now I have an aching back and that particular yawny feeling you get when you've had a good dollop of fresh air - time for a bath I reckon!


  1. When the kids where younger, I always carried an extra set of clothes for each of them- and myself!- in the car. Maybe you need to bring along a coverall at all times;-)
    Lucky you to have crops at this time of year! (yes, definitely crops!!)

  2. Hello Lucy, I have been lurking and reading your other blog for a few months, it's really good! I love this new blog. I wish we had these allotments or even a garden with enough space and less 'slope'. Love to see the progress and what the new year of gardening will bring you and your family.